Everything you need to know about me


What I Do

I help you solve problems by asking thought-provoking questions to explore the problem. My process is different with each client, but what's consistent is that I provide a non-judgmental sounding board for you to test ideas and a new pair of eyes to help you see different perspectives. Through our joint work together, we identify where you need to go and how we're gonna get there.



One exercise I like to do to get a client thinking is to ask a question from Jack Foster's How to Get Ideas. Take a second to give your answer and then click to see mine.

What's half of thirteen?



There are so many answers to such a simple question. All of them are right, but when faced with a challenge, we tend to revert to our default thinking, our 6.5 and our 6 1/2. Part of what we'll do together is explore solutions beyond our initial few ideas. Together, we'll find the 1 and 3 and the half a baker's dozen.

Or, if you prefer the words of Nobel Prize winning geniuses: "Most people stop looking when they find the proverbial needle in the haystack. I would continue looking to see if there were other needles." - Albert Einstein



I have over 3 decades of experience in human relations, strengthening communications, and personal, professional, and organizational development. I co-founded The Momentum Group, where I coached leaders and teams in corporate and nonprofit settings for more than a decade. I'm also on the faculty at UCLA Extension, where I've taught professional development and leadership courses for more than 15 years. The courses I've designed and taught include Personal Strategic Planning, Developing and Delivering Effective Presentations, and Leadership Boot Camp for Women.

I have a BA in Business Psychology from University of Michigan.

If you want to know anything else about what I do, check out my client stories or give me a call!


A little more

When I'm not working with clients, I'm an expressive artist and a published poet. In my art, I combine found objects with unexpected materials to create interesting new results. I challenge myself to see objects and language in new ways, which has helped me develop my unique approach to client work. By learning to think like an artist, my clients access their imagination to spark ideas and learn to reframe problems and generate new perspectives.