Happy Clients

There's no typical client, but below are some representative examples of the situations and the client types I most frequently work with.  Examples are based on real clients.


You've likely achieved success fueled by your passion, knowledge and curiosity about your product or service.

Now you've got some obstacles in front of you.


I’m a creative and energetic thinking partner. I work with you to get at the root of the problem and set priorities.

I help you unearth fresh ideas.


We will fix it! Tell me about your business: the tasks, the calls, the emails, the meetings.  I'll bring the questions.

We'll make a plan to get you where you're going.


3 Types of Clients

The overstretched entrepreneur


The Client: What Happened?

Entrepreneur 3 years into a successful business; rapid growth to 17 employees, but everyone still reports to him

He built the business with passion, smarts, and a creative group of friends; now he's too busy handling mundane operational details

His staff is constantly jockeying for position and stepping on each others’ toes


Then I come in: I've got questions

We create a list of what eats up his time; then we sort it into things only he can do and things he can delegate

Using post-its, we create his ideal org chart; we determine he needs to create a management tier to handle the daily grind

We hire and promote new managers from within

We set clear expectations for the team and build trust and communication


The Results: He owns his day. 

CEO is freed up to grow the business; he has renewed passion and fresh ideas

He hires a marketing manager and they develop new product lines

Employees are clear about roles and expectations, and working like a team

Sales skyrocket and they outgrow their warehouse. Twice!

We meet weekly to tackle new problems


2. The High Achiever who Needs Help with Soft Skills


The Client: Talented but in trouble

Super-star lawyer, top school, thorough knowledge of the law

Alienates colleagues and clients and doesn't know why

Defensive; feels like an outsider

Hasn't made partner after 10 years; about to be asked to leave the firm

Partners call me in as a last ditch

We start with how she sees the problem

We focus on situations when things didn't go as she expected; she describes interactions and the fallout 

Through discussion, she comes to understand how her actions could be misinterpreted

We plan ways for her to create better interactions and role play them 

The Results: Soft Skills Ninja 

She's builds self-awareness; learns to look at others’ perspectives and read cues

Clients feel listened to and give positive feedback; colleagues notice and appreciate her changes

She has a bucket of tools to solve communication problems

Bottom line: She's promoted while I'm working with her and eventually makes partner (on her own)!


3. The Professional Who's Lost Passion for their Work


The Client: I used to love this

Doctor with her own successful practice

She used to be passionate about her work, but can’t stand to come into the office anymore

Doesn’t know what happened. Feels frustrated with office staff and disconnected from patients

Wants a connection but feels her patients are treated like numbers, not people; staff doesn’t seem invested

She calls me in to brainstorm

We discuss her daily routine; she gets 10 minutes with each patient, and half of it's paperwork

We walk through the patient's entire experience, arrival to departure. Each team member does it too

We brainstorm ideas with staff; they’ve got tons of them!

Together, we redesign the waiting room and the experience end-to-end

The Results: Passion and Connection

The doctor’s excitement about work is back

The office becomes more patient-centered; music, art, reading material, and furniture create an inviting space that builds community

Staff greets patients by name when they walk in and handles all paperwork, freeing the doctor's time

Doctor can use her time with patients to connect with and understand them